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What is the difference between a Psychiatrist, psychologist and a Counselor/therapist?



A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD) who is trained to diagnose and treat psychological and behavioral problems. This is done through a detailed face to face interview, followed by implementation of psychotherapy and use of medications where necessary. A psychologist has a doctoral degree in psychology who diagnoses mental health issues and treats them with various psychotherapeutic techniques. Psychologists have limited medication prescribing rights in some states. A counselor is a Masters level graduate who has additional clinical training in mental health field to assess and treat psychiatric and behavioral health problems. A counselor generally focuses on providing therapy to individuals, couples, or families. Counselors do not prescribe medications. 

Should I schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or a therapist?



Our psychiatrist will work with the patient to discuss medication options, prescribe medication, and set up periodic appointments to monitor the effects of the medication. The therapist will meet with the patient to provide aid in such matters as relationship conflict, self-esteem/confidence issues, anxiety/OCD/ADHD disorders, life transitions, or other personal stressors.

Do you take insurance?



Yes, we take BCBS, Cigna, Naperville health care, DuPage Medical Group, Aetna, PHCS Value Options and Medicare.

Do you take self pay patients?



We do accept self pay clients. We will work with you to make it affordable for you.

How long is a therapy session?



Generally, therapy sessions are 45 – 50 minutes. Psychiatrist sessions are 45 minutes for initial evaluations and then 15- 20 mins for follow up appointments. For treatment of adolescents, our psychiatrist requires to see parents separately one time for 30 minutes. This is done in order to understand the family dynamics which will help in formulating a specific treatment for the adolescent. A follow up session of another 30 mins may be needed sometime in the course of the treatment to gauge the progress and get a feed back from parents.

What are your hours?



Office hours are 10 – 6 Monday – Friday and 9 – 12 Saturday

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